Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random | Bad | Good

| Random |
Right now I am carving to watch some new movies at the cinema
I wish I can watch 'em, seriously I do
But I'll be busy starting next week with SUA practice and all
*urghh...* wish I could just skip SUA concert
But no choice, otherwise the lecturers will get upset
and might hold revenge against your marks
Anyway, the movies that I really want to watch are these three;
Twilight, Bolt and Madagascar 2

| Bad |
Not a very good day today
I woke up, asked Maya another time what time is my class
She replied when it nearly 11am, asking me to come at 12pm
Well, it's already late, but I'll try to make it there
I've got to go through a traffic jam to get to Istana Budaya
I told Maya, if I don't reach Istana Budaya by 1230,
consider the class canceled.
I reached there at 1220, and the door to her office was locked...and she never show up
Then I started to think, she wants me to go to her office or her house?
But it's in the past, never mind that
Then, orchestra rehearsal,
10 people came, and Mr.Ota said he doesn't conduct an orchestra under 20 musicians
Sucks, I went to Istana Budaya for nothing.
Curse those people that always skipped rehearsal
They caused trouble to other people
I hate it,
You're not a professional musician,
Not even close to being a good musician...
Because if you are, you won't miss practice for stupid, well, let see...
to watch TWILIGHT at the cinema??!!
Because of those "type" of minded people who thinks that "it's-okay-for-them-not-to-come-because-they-are-so-good-that-
it-won't-effect-the-entire-orchestra"....are the reason all those people that came today, including myself, wasted our energy and time just to hear Mr.Ota cancel the rehearsel
Okay, so SPM is over, so what?
I still came to rehearsal when my SPM is over two years ago...
come on, you can celebrate your independence from school till next year
I love OSR, I do, I've been part of that orchestra even before I entered form 1,
until now, I can see the difference in that orchestra from time to time
and you know what? It just got worse every year...
but I still stick to it, in hoping...that all members start to care...
and bring back all the joy of playing as an ensemble
and I still believe in it....

Dissapointed Pictures, Images and Photos

| Good |
Today is Lisa's 4th birthday
Happy Birthday!!
We celebrate by cutting cake
Chocolate Indulgence of Secret Recipe
There are some pictures of the simple and small party

Lisa with Mimi and my sis with the birthday cake
We were singing the birthday song at that time

This is the birthday cake
"Happy Birthday Lisa"

Lisa blew the candle, Mimi helped. =P

The girls and their mom

The girls and their onyang

The girls with their Wan

The girls with their Ucu...that's me!!

The girls with their grandparents, Atuk and Wan!!

And here is a picture taken by Lisa the birthday girl/junior photographer. lolx

* * *

Today, my dad, mom, sis and the girls went to a warehouse sale
My dad bought me a new pair of Timbaland sneakers
the orginal price was rm399, the price tag is still at the side of the box =P
but, since it's warehouse sale, my dad bought it for rm150
cool, ryte? that is one reason why I love warehouse sale
original merchandise, expensive too
but you got to buy it with an incredible price

Pretty right? hihihi

Well, that's it, some random, bad and good news


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