Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two jobs

Not exactly two jobs, just...two different things to practice. I practice violin during the day and practice electone organ during the night. lolz. I have so many things to practice, and very little time. I need to practice songs for my next semester which are Kreisler-Preludium and Allegro, Grieg - Sonata in G major (3rd mvt) and Brahms - Sonata inG major (1st mvt). The Brahms was ridiculous, it's difficult. Then, I need to practice songs for Mayya's lesson, Kabalevsky - Concerto in C major (1st mvt), Bach - Partita 3 (Loure & Gavotte), some studies and I need to find some new books. And not to forget scales!!! And orchestra scores!! OMG!! So many things...huhuhu. And at night...I practice my electone, for fun. At least I'm not stress playing electone. =S Playing electone is fun!! hihihi

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