Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Britney is back...and it looks pretty good

She had her major down fall, that once in E! Hollywood True Story said;
that if she manage to climb back up, she will be a legend
and she did...and so far, it's a pretty good come back
she had her album out
first single : Womanizer and second single : Circus
Let me show you the video
This is Womanizer
While this is the 2nd single : Circus
this song is also nice...
but this video is not in a good quality
the good ones can't be embed. So, you have to search for it yourself

Another thing, just to add...a few months before she's back with a new album,
Britney became a special guest in "How I Met You Mother" sitcom
here's a video of it...

That's all folks.
btw, exam result is coming out...
I'll post about it pretty soon

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