Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cats : the 3rd, 4th and 5th group of types of cats. (Last post about types of cats)

Well, the final three groups of cats will be the Longhairs, Hairless & Exotic and also Domestic. Since there are not so many types in these groups, I guess I could just combined it. =P Let begin, shall we? Start with the 3rd groups from my last two posts.

3rd Group : LONGHAIRS
This elegant cat hails from America to the UK and is more extroverted than other Persian cats. They have melodious voice and are quick to adjust to new enviroments. Their "laid-back" temperament makes them an ideal family pet.

Himalayans are much admired among breeders and pet lovers alike. This delightful breed is Siamese in colour, Persian in type and combines the best qualities of both. These beautiful cats are suited to both indoor and outdoor activities.

Persians are quiet and affectionate cats, but dislike being teased and are more suited to an adult household or one with gentle children. People wanting a Persian must be prepared to groom its beautiful coat daily. They moult twice a year, but shed hair all year round.


Notable for their lack of fur, this unusual looking breed is the only cat that has sweat glands and, unlike other cats, does not need to pant to keep cool. It is a sweet-tempered, lively cat that is highly intelligent and easy to train.

[Cornish Rex]
This is a chic-looking cat and its pectacular crimped coat feels similar to cut velvet. It is a playful cat that enjoys human company and likes plenty of affection.

[Devon Rex]
This is the "E.T" of the cat world with its short, wide-cheeked face and large low-set batwing ears - it also has a devilish sense of mischief, a pixie-like disguise and a loving disposition.

5th Group : DOMESTIC

The most common cat - Have many variations in colour and coat patterns and are usually extremely affectionate. They are often associated with being intelligent, even tempered and capable of adapting to almost any enviroment.

Well, that's it. All the groups of cats. Hope you found it rather useful....who knows, maybe one day you're loaded and you want to buy a cat and you're thinking which one suit you best...well, I hope these information can help you. =)

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