Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cats....types of Cats...first group : Shorthairs

Hey everybody! Earlier today, my mom found a Whiskas Cat Care book. There are instructions on taking care of your pet cats. However, there are something interesting in there. There are types and characteristics of cats, from Shorthairs, to Semi-Longhairs, to Longhairs, to Hairless&Exotic and also the most common one, know, the one that you can find in the market? Yup..that one. =)
But for now, I will let you know the types from the Shorthairs breed of cat. Enjoy!
Information adapted from Whiskas Care Cat book. =P
[British Shorthair]
British Shorthairs are sturdy and muscular cats with a short, plush coat that comes in wide variety of colours and a thick tail. They are very independent, yet extremely affectionate cats that are easy to groom.

"Abbys" are one of the most intelligent breed of cat. They are not too talkative, but they do like to climb and will require a frame and plenty of space to do so. Extremely gentle by nature, they make superb pets.

[Scottish Fold]
Scottish Folds are instantly recognisable thanks to their unusual ears that fold foward over the head. They are affectionate cats, but do not cope well on their own and should not be left home alone for long periods.

Burmese cats are "full of beans", highly intelligent and are usually considered the extroverts of the cat family. They love people and are tuned into the needs of their owners.

[Russian Blue]
The regal Russian Blue cat with its elegant coat, sparkling green eyes and stately manner has long been associated with royalty. This affectionate, yet powerful cat gets along with all members of the household, be they people or any other animals.

These friendly and robust cats are notable for their lack of tail - the result of a dominant mutant gene. Their hind legs are longer than other cats, giving them an almost rabbit-like appearance when they run

With striking bright blue eyes, Snowshoes are attractive and intelligent cats that are easy to train. They are sometimes shy with strangers and do not appreciate too many changes. However, they are extremely devoted to the family members.

[Australian Mist]
This wonderful cat is "true blue" and proudly wears the "made in Australia" badge. This little Aussie go-getter is blessed with the loving personality of a Burmese, the joy of an Abyssinian and the reslilience of Domestic cats.

Korats have a gentle nature and bond closely with their owners. They sport a beautiful blue coat, while the large, prominent and luminous green or green-gold eyes are brilliant, alert and very expressive.

Originating from the streets of Singapura, this breed boasts a unique coat colouring and, in many ways, looks similar to a cougar. They are intelligent and trustworthy cats that have a keen knack for fun and play.

Thanks to their energetic nature, Burmillas are a fun and entertaining cat to have around the home. Perhaps their most impressive quality is the sparkling shaded coat. Easy-going and relaxed, the Burmilla makes an affectionate and ideal family pet.

With Burmese and Siamese ancestry, these elegant cats have won favour with people around the world during their breif existence. These loving cats are now well established and, being a robust animal, can comfortably live in almost any enviroment.

[Egyptian Mau]
The Egyptian Mau is striking to look at which, combined with a delightful personality, makes them a pleasure to own. They show their happiness by chatting in a soft, sweet voice and swishing their tails about.

The Bengal is the only spotted breed directly descended from a large wild cat - the Asian Leopard Cat. While these cats are extremely playful, they do like to be "the boss" and will try to assert their authority whenever they can.

A delightful mix of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair cats. While Ocicats look wild, their temperament is anything but ferocious and they are absolutely devoted to people. They are also quite bright and easily trained.

[Japanese Bobtail]
Japanese Bobtails are a little bit "dog-like" in that they love to carry things around in their mouths. They are stunning to look at and feature an easy to care for coat. They are also energetic animals that enjoy every oppurtunity to play games.

[Exotic Shorthair]
It's like seeing a Persian cat with shorthair. A playful, happy-go-lucky cat that is a pleasure to have around the home. Its cute, almost kitten-like features are one of its most admirable qualities, while its big round eyes, small ears, flat face and a short snub nose give it an irresistible sweet-faced expression.

[Oriental Shorthair]
Oriental Shorthairs are inquisitive and confident animals that captivate everyone they meet. Although not as loud as their Siamese cousins, they do love "talk" and thrive human company.

This unique looking cat is the best known of all the pedigree breeds and it's deep, blue eyes are truly mesmerizing. This is a highly intelligent animal that is given to being very vocal but extremely loyal to the family.

Well that's about it for Shorthairs cat. I'll post more types on Semi-Longhairs, Longhairs, Hairless&Exotic and Domestic pretty soon. Hope you enjoy this post. =)


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