Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days in Bukit Jalil

October 10, 2008
the first day that we actually went to Stadium Bukit Jalil. Went there by bus...waited at faculty until 11am, and the bus arrive approximately 1110 or something. Then we moved to stadium. Reached there about 1200, and it was freakishly hot day. The worse part was, there was no crew. Which is stupid, when you are dealing with orchestra...you must have a crew that will help carry all the big stuff. So, we entered through the main entrance. Walked semi-circle around the field...then sit for awhile, then we were told to make another semi-circle around the field to a stairs. Not good...coz it was hot, and we need to carry all those big instrument ourselves. Such as tuba, timpani, all the rhythm section instrument, barritone saxophone and more. We were sweating like hell. We went up the "batu caves" stairs then go around the stadium from the outside...then go down stairs again...and climb back stairs to get to the stage. How stupid was that? And you know, the only reason we were in Bukit Jalil that early is to carry all that stuff...then we just sit around doing nothing...under that heat!! The rest of the people like dancers and others came around 1730, and guess what...they came, and straight away start their practice with their songs...which mean we need to wait for them to stop practice...stupid...then the dinner. Supposed to be chicken rice...but the priority was never given to the musicians...so they gave to all the dancers, when it's our turn to eat, they're out of chicken, so we just ate plain white rice...some very very not fresh cucumber and very little egg. And the taste was....the "best"....then, we pratice again, until night, then go back by bus. There were 50 buses and policemen escorted us from the stadium until UiTM. Pretty cool...to watch all the other cars have to wait for buses with the lenght of 3.5km to pass through. Then I went back to my sis's house in Bukit Bandaraya. =)

October 11, 2008
Today, the bus moved to Bukit Jalil earlier than the day before. At 10am! I moved out from my sis's house at 0900. Btw, there was this really cute and friendly siamese cat in my sis's house. You can see a couple of pictures of her later. It belong to someone else, I can tell coz she was wearing a collar, but she likes hanging out at my sis's house. Anyway, back to the subject. The temperature there was still freakishly hot. Had our soundcheck. Strings started off first, it was damn hot, the sun shine was just too much for the violin to bare...it's not safe. But those people just don't get it. They think repairing instrument will take only rm50 out of your pocket money...well it's not...it could be up to rm1000!! Can you afford to pay that much money for more than 10 different violins?? haihz...and the worse part is...we got to do our sound check for nearly two hours under that hot sun just because those people messed up the microphones wires, and they were arguing through speaker...which mean everybody can hear it....moron!! That moment was bloody hell. What worse? When it time for Winds to sound check...the sun just slipped away, and it was all shady...and when we about to go to eat...just a few minutes after that horrible sound check...en.radzali called all the strings again. We get to rest...and eat our lunch in less than half an hour...it's ridiculous!! It's just effing ridiculous.

October 12, 2008
It's Friday, so the practice supposed to start after Friday prayer. But, we must be there at 11am coz all the buses moved to the stadium in the morning. Not fair...it still a very hot day. And again...they wanted to do the stupid soundcheck again. At night, it was the full run-through. Mawi, Zahid, Syafinaz and another singer whom I don't know...were all there that night. Mawi was so miming it. He just mimed all the words and he got all the fame and got to go home with rm15k. While us...the musicians, working our ass off from Dec 1st...and just go home with rm300...and God knows when we will actually get paid. =.=" Even those dancers get rm800. Okay, so they used lots of energy with all that running and all...but we used lots of energy too...mentally, physically and emotionally. Under that heat, with all the messed up bowings for the strings section which turn into chaotic coz someone just don't know how to step away from Concert Master's duty and respect whatever she is doing!!!! With songs that we barely practiced and we need to perform it live on stage...with ridiculous last-minute songs, with those stupid sound-check...and many more. I know, by this point...I'm sure you will said...this is one bloody hell concert....literally! But at least we can make fun and jokes out of all the bad things that we have to face. Music students of UiTM...always crazy. =P However, terrible thing happened that night, Ridzuan's mother passed away, it was sad, my eyes were filled with tears at that time, but I managed to hold back, I know how much he loves his mother, it's sad, I don't even know what to say but sorry, I'm never good with words, but I always try to be there if he needs me. That's the best I can do. Owh, in this picture below, it's Zahid and a singer that I don't know, I think she's a student. Mawi supposed to be there...but he can't even sing that song...he can't get the chorus right....at least Zahid can sing the chorus with the right melody. And Zahid was cool, he was funny...he copied Ning Baizura's voice while rehearsing...lol! that was funny...and he suddenly walked up to the conductor place and pretend to be a conductor...his funny. He can definitely survive if he got himself in the faculty of music. lol...

October 13, 2008
It's concert day. But we must be at faculty to ride bus at 1000. Then, the bus went to Induk to be escorted by the police together with the rest of the buses. Reached there at noon...again...bloody hot. I bought guava juice before I went in...it was surprisingly good. I like it. Anyway, there was again yet another soundcheck...haihz...but just for awhile...thank god. Practice a few songs, then went for a break, and all musicians must be on stage at 1920, we must start the pre-opening while wait for the VVIP to come from 1930 until 2000. Changed in the toilet, it was freakishly hot in there. I changed, put on some make-up...just a little...I'm clueless about make-up, so, I don't really know what I'm doing. lol. I'm already sweating in the toilet...can you just imagine how hot it will be. Haihz...but, we started at 1930 until 2000. Then the ceremony started off with the mascot, we played Menceceh Bujang Lapok as the mascot song. And also some songs from different countries for all the countries that took part in the games. After that...we don't really do anything...just chill on stage, watching all other performance...and wait for everything to end. Then afterwards, same thing...we got to take all the big stuff to the lorry ourselves. But later, we got free KFC...at least there is something good. =) Then, we went back...supposed to be escorted by the police but the orchestra buses was left behind coz some of the students were late. Damn YOU!!! Then we went back, I reached my sis home at 0100...then took shower...and the last picture is the picture I took before go to sleep just to rap everything up. =D

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