Friday, December 19, 2008

Exam Result

Well...not as good as last semester. My pointer dropped a little, back to my 1st semester result, which is 3.74. It's still in Dean's List...but kinda frustrating to see it went down. And I cannot believe my lowest grade is BEL...which is English. It's not fair...I worked damn hard for my assignment, and I know I speak a lot...with some good points for my speaking test...and as for my final...the only place that I might screw up is my academic writing, but I think I did pretty good for my reading. Weird, I checked all my answers for the comprehension, and I know I did it right...and add up to everything I've done for the whole semester, I don't think my writing can caused me to get B for BEL. Ms.G said the assignment that me and Tity did was already in the right track, and no problem will occur since we did what she wanted us to do. I expect to get at least A- for my BEL. I never get B for Englih...eversince in school...I always got A for my English. It's really frustrating. Besides that, I got B+ for CTU (Islamic), which is better than last semester coz last semester I only got C. =P And my Kor, Brass Band dropped from A to B+. That is acceptable coz I got some attandance problem...hihihi. And I got A for the rest of other subjects. So, basically I got 3B, 7A and I passed my forum. =D 3.74 is actually the result for the whole semester, but my pointer for the 3rd semester is 3.69....huhuhuhu...

My Result
BEL311(English for Academic Purposes) : B
CTU282(Islamic Arts and Creativity) : B+
HBU126(Brass Band II) : B+
MME202(20th Century Music) : A-
MME203(Malaysian Music) : A
MMP110(Western Classical Music Ensemble) : A
MMP201(Principal Study III/Violin) : A
MMP244(Orchestra I) : A
MUK201(Music Theory III) : A+
MUK203(Modern Harmony I) : A+
PPA201(Performing Arts Conference III) : Pass

Pointer for 3rd Semester : 3.69
Pointer for every semester : 3.74

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