Saturday, December 27, 2008

I found this picture

Last time, on Dec 13th, Stadium Bukit Jalil, in UiTM orchestra had performance there, for ASEAN University Games opening ceremony. After the show, we had a photo session, and in Facebook, Kak Min just uploaded three group photo with me in it. =P So, I thought I wanna share it. =)

This is the first one, I just ran acroos the stage and get in the in the middle too! lol

This is the second one...oh no!! Kak Min was leaning ON me...kinda trying to smile and using my bent knees to stable myself. lol...ain't easy I tell you that. =P

This one is nice, I like it, everybody looked nice. Except for that one guy called Syafiq "Benos" Zulkarnain who ruined this cute picture. huhuhu...

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