Sunday, December 28, 2008


I watched the news just now at TV3, there's a woman who was caught for insulting the Phrophet Muhammad in her blog. Wanna know what's worse? She's a Muslim. Well then I guess she don't deserve to be one. And serve her everybody know what a big jerk she has been...putting a mask and pretend to be a good Muslim but the truth is she is the worse BIATCH! Seriously, don't people know how to respect anymore these days? And when I say respect...I don't mean only respect to others...I mean everything, know how to respect others AND yourself..including who and what you are. I believe every religion is beautiful, it might be different than what we believe in...but all religions teach its people to be a better person. And all the history of certain religion or certain beliefs....those are sacred, precious...and should not be insulted. Can you imagine how many people will get offended if you say something horrible about their beliefs or religion? Religions and Races are two big 'R' words that should not be taken for granted. Just look at the world now....people is having a war because of different religion...which leads to different beliefs, people are fighting because you're not from the same race, which probably leads to different tradition and ways of life. Why? I'm asking why? Have you ever asked yourself...why? how? Have you ever think...even for one second...that people these days are becoming more selfish? Everybody is aftering all the wealth in the world...not thinking who they're hurting in the process. And what worse...they don't care about it. We humans supposed to be the smartest species...supposed to be the one who will keep this dying planet in peace...supposed to give protection to other creatures. But...we are the one who is doing the dumbest thing we could ever done...we are destroying earth slowly...and everybody is happy and enjoying every bit of it and it is all because of one small thing called 'Money'. Do you think you can bring all that money with you when you're dead? Life is full of might be dead right after you read this blog. Yes, I is important...but people is overacting, try to think money as a way to make life easier...but not for happiness. You can call me a hippie if you want least I you? before you read this blog, have you ever think about it? Just because I care it doesn't mean that I can save the world. Everybody need to care if we ever going to save this world. This place that we called our home. It's the home for many generations. Even before any religions even existed. And our ancestors have been walking on this planet for many million of years. If you put away your money, and what ever title you own...put aside your religion and beliefs...we are all the same...we are humans. And it is up to us to take care of our home...which is Earth. but of course....the amount of people that truly cares is not enough to save our planet anymore. Let's just hope more people will come to realize about it before it's too late. Afterall...we are smartest at being the dumbest. Idiots, right?

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