Friday, December 19, 2008

Lord of the Rings by MPO =D

Today, me and hunnybunny went to watch Lord of the Rings concert performed by MPO players and also a group of choirs.
The bad thing was...I left my purse at my house, thank God hunnybunny was there to help me with my dinner and parking...thx honey...
However, the show was amazingly wonderful!! I loved it so much.
How I thankful to be able to watch it. =')
It was the first time I actually see Alto Flute and Contra Bassoon in an orchestra performance.
There were also wooden flute solo, a drum...not sure if it's Chinese or Japanese drums...but I think it's Japanese.
There's a was very cool.
I have lots of pictures to share. =)

Before performance
Since Christmas is around the corner,
there's a christmas tree in KLCC, it's very tall...
That's me...
That's HunnyBunny
Us!! My hair is a mess... =.="
Hihi...this is a must-taken photo
HunnyBunny want one too
During the Break
I took this one...kinda blurry...but I kinda like it
That's do I look? Learn it from Jojo Fashion... =P TeeHee~~
HunnyBunny looks so smart
2nd half of the concert

After the performance
Hihi...Parkson anyone??
Last picture of Us... =) Thx HunnyBunny
Ticket concert...memories....

The End

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