Wednesday, December 24, 2008

new semester, new hair cut???

I cut my hair. Did a rebonding as well. Just to make it straighter. =P
Fyi, I always prefer short hair. It's easier to take care of. Hihi...
Less hair fall, doesn't need that much need to tie it
Most of all, it doesn't get on your nerve when it's freakishly hot...and you know, it happen a lot for country such as Malaysia.
Besides, short hair can give you the simple look. I always prefer simplicity.
Well, these are the before and after pictures of my hair. =)

Before I cut it...approximately 11am

After I cut it...approximately 3.15pm

Kinda make me look fat right? hihihi


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

hey...the hair before is much betta...just rebonding je la...erm btw....aku put dh potong rambut jgk...hehehe...tapi...maybe korang tgk lebih kurang same je la before hbs sem. sbb sepanjang kt umah rambut aku panjang and tebal giler n ni dh pendek n nipis sket. masih fringe dh x nmpk pon ok gak tp, pandai2 la style-kan sket...hehehe

Wani said...

like I said...I dun like long hair, sgt2 rimas. N aku x kisah blh buat style ke x, I don't cut short for the style, aku ptg pendek utk keselesaan.