Monday, December 01, 2008

nothing much

today is the first day of SUA practice
nothing much really
it is also the day where all those people who are involve with Winds Competition make their journey to Johor
i am the principal of 2nd violin this time. =D
a relief to me coz the notes are usually an octave lower than the 1st violin
after the practice, me and the rest of the strings section went to kolej mawar, at uitm induk to register for SUA
we need to fill in some form and stuff...take picture...
then, we waited until 6pm to get free dinner =P
here is a picture of bored faces. lolz

* * *

you know, i always come across,
with people saying i should be...
OR look like a model
*hmphh*...that's ridiculous
even if i do have the physical appearance of a model
so? it doesn't mean i have the talent to be one...
okay, first of all..
model has that photogenic, glamorous, sexy look
and model doesn't mind do any kind of pose in front of the camera
and...model doesn't mind what they're wearing in front of the camera
some of them don't mind wearing nothing but their skin
and...i am nothing like that
i don't have that photogenic look
definitely not glamorous
*sexy carries a meaning from many different angles, and i am nothing made of sexy*
i am shy...i don't feel comfortable having strangers taking pictures of my photo
you'll know what i mean if you look at my passport picture =S
and i definitely don't wear just anything
i don't wear sleeveless, i don't wear anything that shows my belly
i don't wear anything low-cut that reveal my boobs/the colour of my bra
i don't wear something so tight that it reveals every details of my upper/lower part of my body
i don't wear something shorter than my knee
i hate heels...i can only wear the very very low heels, probably just 1.5 inch

see...i am not fit as a model
i don't have the criteria
it's awkward having people saying that to me
an uncle at DBKL? my hunnybunny? my friends?
they all said it
it's kinda awkward and weird...
sometimes rather funny...coz i am SO not a model type
maybe i'm tall and slim...and that's it
here's a picture of me...
come on, just look at it
this face? not meant to be a model
won't sell a thing...lolx

p/s : that hair is my real hair colour, some people think i coloured it
i've been facing the "did-you coloured-your-hair?" question ever since i was 7
even my dad thought i coloured my hair

that's all

till then

i'm wani checking out from Wani's World. =D

| The End |


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