Monday, December 22, 2008

Types of Cats...second group : Semi-Longhairs

My previous post, I mentioned about my mom's discovery of Whiskas Cat Care book. And I also put up information on the Shorthair cats on that post. Now, move on to the second group of the small cats' groups is the Semi-Longhairs. Well, these cats have longer furs than shorthairs...but not as long as the longhairs cats. I will post something on the longhairs later, but for now, let talk about types of the semi-longhairs.

[Turkish Van]
Turkish Vans or "swimming cats" are renowned for their fondness for water and boast luxurious coat. While shy around strangers, they are extremely affectionate towards their owners and feature both a quiet voice and a hearty appetite.

Laid back and very loving, Ragdolls are at their happiest when they are allowed to flop into the arms of their owners - just like a rag doll! Their affectionate nature and preference for being indoors makes them ideal house cats

[Maine Coon]
This is the world's largest breed of domestic cat and has a delightful temperament mixed in with a clown-like personality. It is an extremely intelligent breed that adores people and loves to "hang out" with all those living in the house.

The Balinese is an active and busy cat that loves company and is quite content to follow its owner around the house during the day. They are however a vocal breed and owners should be prepared to stop and have a "chat" from time to time.

Birmans are strikingly unusual cats that are easy to fall in love with. They "wear" pale-coloured coat with white "gloves" on their feet, and the eyes are deep sapphire-blue. Their coat however, needs regular grooming.

Somalis, with their fox-like appearance, have glorious coats that are usually non-matting and are easy to care for. They make ideal pets and will give their all to please their family.

[Siberian Forest Cat]
These affectionate cats are extremely loyal and love to greet their owners at the door on their return home. With a thick coat that comes in a vast array of colours, Siberians are also well known for their ability to leap in great distances with ease.

Tiffanies look like Burmillas with longer fur. This striking cat is notable for its spectacular green eyes that are outlined in the same colour as the colour on the coat - black, brown, blue, chocolate and lilac. But its glorious coat does require grooming to keep it luxurious.

[Norwegian Forest Cat]
An affectionate breed, these cats comfortably get along with almost everyone (including other household pets) and are especially fond of children. Its energetic nature makes it an interesting and entertaining companion.

Well, those are something about Semi-Longhair cats. Hope you found them very cute. =)

Adapted from Whiskas Cat Care book


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

Ragdoll tu comel...nye......geram aku tgk...tiap kali lepas tgk gamba kucing, hector n troy jd mangsa aku kena gomol...hehehe

Wani said...


I like Somali and Siberian Forest Cat. x tau kenape...I love 'em. Wish dpt bela diorg. =(