Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I didn't have anything to do, I wrote a short story of a friendship. It wasn't all that great. But I would like you to read it. The contents are not all that good, since it took me less than hour to wrote this whole thing, I was trying to make it as short as possible, with no dialogs included. =P Well, try reading it. However, I didn't think of a title, so...that is why this post is called "untitled".

Once, there was a boy named Rick. He was a normal teenage boy with a normal teenage life. At the same time, there was a girl named Wendy. She was also a normal teenage girl but with not quite a normal teenage life. She had a lot more difficult life, her parents were divorced, she lived with her mother and a baby sister. She went to school in the morning, she worked at her mom's shop in the afternoon and she did her homework at night. That was her teenage life cycle.

Wendy and Rick were classmates. However, they barely talked to each other until one day, they were assigned by their history teacher to work as partner for history project. Both of them started to spend time with each other for their project and also at the same time, they started to know each other much better. By the time they passed up their history project, they were already best friends.

Since then, Rick often helped Wendy at her mom's shop and Wendy often went to Rick's house to study or just hang out. They also admire each other's talent. Rick admired Wendy's imagination on creating a wonderful story in just half an hour. While Wendy admired Rick's talent on drawing. He has an amazing talent for someone in his age.

However, in every friendship there would be trouble. Unfortunately to their friendship, it was a tragedy. One afternoon, both of them promised to go to town together. They promised to wait for each other at the town's bus station. Wendy waited for an hour. Since she didn't has a cellphone and all the phone booths around were no longer working. She waited patiently at the bus station. She waited and waited for two hours. She thought Rick forgot about his promise, she got upset and went straight home.

When she reached her house, her mother was waiting for her with a sad look on her face. Wendy asked her mother if there is something wrong. Her mother asked her to sit down and calm down, and from there, she knew something is definitely wrong. Her mother told her that there has been an accident near by which involved a car and a truck. The truck driver lose control of the vehicle and the truck fell on the car which was moving beside the truck at that time. The car was headed towards town, and they were two passenger in the car, and they were Rick and his mother. Both of them died at the scene of the accident. Wendy could hear no more, she could not believe what she was listening to. Tears were filling up her eyes, and it was difficult for her to breath. She ran to her room and locked herself for the rest of the day.

The next day, Wendy's mother manage to persuade her to go and pay their respect at Rick's house. When she arrived, she was greeted by Rick's father. He gave her Rick's sketchbook, it was still new, and inside, there was only one drawing. It was a picture of herself smiling brightly. It was beautiful until she could not say anything but cried. When she turned the drawing, there were something written at the back of the drawing;

"This is Wendy. She is the best friend
a person could ever wish for. She is so
special, that she makes my life a lot more special.
She brought some joy in my, that even if
she is no longer around, she will still leave something wonderful
in my life. She is indeed a true friend"

Wendy was touched, she also realized that Rick left something special in her life too, and it will live forever in her memories. She realized, those memories are worth having. She knew life must go on, she knew it is God's will to take his life and on top of it all, she knew that Rick will always be her best friend for eternity. It is a friendship like no other; a true friendship.


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so meaningful.... :'\

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thx. do you like it? it was inspired from the movie Bridge to Terabithia.