Friday, January 16, 2009

I love something.... =)

I won't call myself a fashion goddess, but I won't say I have no sense of fashion at all. I always prefer casualty, comfort and simplicity. These are the three most important things in my style. I like jeans and jackets...and recently came into the list was knee-length skirt. I'm not really a "skirt-type" person, and I only have two knee-length skirts and two ankle-length black skirt for orchestra performances. =P It doesn't really matter about the top coz I always prefer simple shirts. So, my interest will depend on the design. lol Well, since I'm bored and has nothing to do coz I left my theory text book in my locker which mean I can't do my assignment which due on Monday morning!!! I guess I could show you some style patters of my three favourite things which are jeans, knee-length skirt and jackets, with the combination of casualty, comfort and simplicity. =)

I love jeans coz jeans are always comfortable and simple. and it's versetile. You can use it to dress up as a rock fanatic, as a hot chick, as a cowgirl and anything you can think of!
I always prefer flare jeans, at least it won't make my butt look like a balloon. lol
and, I also prefer dark-coloured jeans. I have one light blue jeans, but the rest of my jeans are dark blue or black. I love Levi's Bootcut. It's my personal favourite. The second jeans picture is the picture of Levi's Bootcut. =)

I only wear skirts which are below my knee. I don't wear anything that is with the length shorter than my knees. These are some of skirts which I think is cute.
Like this one for example, it's a silver Victorian skirt. cute right?

You know, this is a very beautiful skirt with a bright and calming blue. It will look very, very nice and gorgeous if you know how to work it. Remember, it's all about confidence, you can wear it with bright red shirt and it will still look nice if you know just how to work it. Remember that!!

And these two pictures below, contain variety of skirts design, and I love 'em all.

As for jackets, I always prefer the most simple jacket that I can find coz it's easier to match it with any tops in any colour. I'm serious, I wore a green shirt with a really bright pink plain jacket and it still look nice coz of the simplicity of the jacket. =)
The picture of this jacket below is my personal favourite, I love the design so much. It looks comfortable, it's simple and you can match it to look casual. =)

omg, don't you just love this plain long coat? It's gorgeous. Will look nice if I wear a black shirt inside with my jeans. lol and also sneakers!! hihihi

And these two are quite similar just different in style. Both are nice, and I bet both of 'em are very comfortable. =D

Well, that's pretty much it. Told you, I'm all about simplicity. Hihihihi...and I'm not really into fashion. But I like the way I dress, and I don't really like people telling me what to wear sometimes. I know, it will make me sound stubborn, but that's just me. I want to wear what I want...if not, I won't feel happy and comfortable. =S
But I can tolerate, in some special cases....but I always prefer NOT to be told what to wear.

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Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

OMG, the 1st jacket tu sgt lawa giler....i'm crazy for it.........gosh.........