Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Day Today

went to KLCC just now, together with my parents, my sis, Lisa, Mimi and Zatty.
Today is my mom's birthday. =P
I met Wan and his bro there, just hanging around.
He finally bought that film scoring book. *nnt leh pinjam? teehee~*
While me, I bought Disney Fake Book. =)
Got lots of Disney songs inside.
I can use it to play for fun, but my main purpose is to help me with arranging class.
Here's a picture of it. =)

Besides that, I also bought a new handbag!! I still remember that my sister promised to buy me a Guess handbag for my birthday last year, but I never really get it.
Well guess what? I got Guess!! lolx
It's just a simple handbag with 60% discount.
Here's a picture of it. =P

Well, nothing much, my mom also got a new Guess handbag and a new pair of shoes.
I bought Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence as a Birthday Cake for her.
Chocolate Indulgence is my family's favourite. =)
Well, that's pretty much it.

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Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

owe k guess....hula....... comel...