Friday, January 02, 2009

New Family Member on New Year

On January 1st, 2009...there was a wedding ceremony at my house. My sister's wedding ceremony...also known as Akad Nikah. It's how Muslims tie the knot. However, the wedding reception is not in January. The wedding reception, or might be known as the "wedding party" or Malaysians call it Majlis Persandingan, Kenduri Kahwin and so March. I know...kinda late, right? But no time, my brother-in-law is away for work. Anyway, these are some of the wedding photos.

The photographer is my uncle. (From my mom's side)

This camera man is my cousin, also from my mom's side

My sister a.k.a the bride

This is the picture the arrival of the groom's family. Ketibaan rombongan pengantin lelaki...all 13 cars!!

This is during the wedding/akad ceremony.

Owh, in case you don't know, from Malay traditions, each side is supposed to give something to pass onto the other side of the family. Some kind of "passing" or we Malaysians call it hantaran. It could be anything, but most common are cake, shoes, clothes, make-up. The amount of hantaran depends on the family. Usually the groom will give more hantaran than the bride. In this case, from our side(the bride), we gave 10 and the groom sent 12 hantaran. Savy? XD

I like our wedding cake...the one that we gave to the groom's side of course. Here a couple of pictures of it.

Here are all 10 hantaran that we gave to the groom, my auntie (from my mom's side as well) decorated the hantaran. She used "classic&simple" theme. I think it shows, don't you think?

Here are 12 hantaran given by the groom to us. From the decoration, I think they're using a Valentine theme or something, nice? Hihihi...

Well, now my parents have 3 in-law children, 3 grand-daughters and one unmarried daughter. Haha...that'll be me. =P
My eldest sister was the first to get married, she was married on December 29, 2002...I think, I remember the date coz it's my best friend's birthday, but not sure about the year.

Then it was my brother. Married in September 2007...I think it was on September 30, but kinda blurry now.

Just off the topic...I like my niece, Zatty's face at this time. She smiled very cute, don't you think so?

And now, on New Year, which was January 1, 2009, was the day my other sister got married.

Which means, my family is getting bigger...

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