Sunday, February 01, 2009

review of the week...

well, i haven't been able to update my blog as often as i thought i could. nothing special though. after going to KLCC for my mom's birthday, me and family went to Bagan Lalang for a relaxing day and go to the sea! hihi. however, the next day...i got fever...and also at the same time, i got rehearsel for Konsert Amal Atas Nama Kemanusiaan. It's a charity concert for the victims of Gaza. that concert is live at Astro Ria. It was well...I guess. Aliff was playing in that concert as well. It's his first concert with NSO. :P
my fever is getting better now.
i still don't have much idea what to, i'm going to leave now.



Anonymous said...

aliff CM konsert tu ek...?

Wani said...

definitely not. part-timers won't get to be the CM unless all the qualified full-timers is not available. not even the principles to say the least. however, there is indeed no one available to be in the seat of the principle of the 2nd violin since all the full-timers in 2nd violins were moved to the 1st violin, and some of them are on leave for CNY, and some of the are just not fully-qualified, so, Aliff is the pirnciple of the 2nd violin. but not the CM. there's a huge difference between those two positions.