Saturday, February 07, 2009

no break =('s been a busy week. Tomorrow, which is Sunday...there's a performance with UiTM orchestra for Tour de Langkawi. Which means I can't come to YSO practice today. huhu, sorry guys. Monday is public holiday! teehee~ it's Thaipusam...but it doesn't mean a holiday for me. I have 3 assignments to be done. Songwriting...which is plenty...Theory...which is a lot!! and also Modern Harmony which is quite tricky to be done. huhuhu~ and not to forget I have to practice! Not just violin but electone also. My sister's wedding reception is on March 28. I need to perform. Both electone and violin. And of course, I will perform violin in a group, with Aiman on keyboard and hunnybunny on flute...I'm planning to get Fad to play the guitar coz we're playing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours and'll sound so nice if we can have an acoustic guitar. =) The list of songs for the band is Getaran Jiwa, Bunga Melor, My Way, I'm Yours, Lucky, A Whole New World and maybe...just maybe....Sempurna. The band will peform for the bride and the groom. I'll play electone while the guest is eating before the newly wed arrive. And of course...I'll play electone again after the band finish peform. Well, I got practice later at 11am at UiTM...I better get ready now. Bye~~

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