Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sad Movie =(

I had orchestra rehearsal earlier today until 1730. Later I went to SACC to buy new shampoo and conditioner. =P Before I went back home, I suddenly had this feeling of going inside the video store. I was browsing through some CDs, and I came across with Atonement. I know, it's not a new movie, but I never watch it before. I wanted to watch it while it was in the cinema but however, I was unable to do so. So, I bought the VCD, there was sale in the shop, so I got the VCD for rm10. =P Anyway, for those of you who are not familiar with the movie, this is how the cover looked like. It might ring a bell.
Just now, I watched the movie through my laptop. And oh my made me cry. ='(
I was so sad. It's about two lovers who were separeted from each other after the man, Robbie was accused of sexual abuse by his lover's (Cee) own sister, Briony. They waited five years for their happy endings but they never really get the chance to have it when Robbie died of coldness when he was away with the army and Cee was drowned when one of the building was bomed. It was so sad, and Briony felt so guilty for her action. She realized that it was because of her they didn't get their happy endings, so she wrote a novel where she wrote the truth about their lives, except the ending. She said she wanted to give them the ending that they deserve.
It was so sad!! huhuhuhu....

Anyway, there are three posters of this movie. One of Cee, Briony and Robbie. And on each posters has a couple of words and when you combined the will read... "You Can Only Imagine The Truth" It's a very sad movie. but the soundtrack is nice though...there's a use of typewriter as an instrument.

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