Sunday, February 22, 2009

so many things to little time...

Indeed...lots of assignment to be done...lots of practice I need to do...and yet so little time is given to me. Well I dunno, maybe my time management is not right. But still...I need a really long time to get all the work done. My theory assignment, my arranging assignment...not to forget I need to practice for the audition Mr.Adee made me go to...the YAMAHA Scholarship audition...I always hate audition...coz I will get so nervous...that I will screw up. Happens every time. =(
Not to sister's wedding reception is coming up next month...and we haven't start practice yet...even I haven't start practice yet. and some of the songs are still under construction. Damn it...huhuhuhuhuhu~~
I need a vacation...but I can't!! coz I need to finish all the things that needs to be finished.
Well...I guess I better stop now.


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