Saturday, February 28, 2009

updates of the week

Got mid-term for was okay except for the analyzing part...

No gamelan KOR at induk. teehee~

practiced with Aiman for my forum, I played
Grieg Violin Sonata in G, 3rd movement
And not to forget, practiced for the YAMAHA Scholarship audition thingy...

Came early, and practiced
Forum is on that day

And me and my batch also performing for the opening and closing of our forum

Also practiced for the audition and class

Frustrated to know when Wan told me that there won't be any slideshow

which just sucks coz I work my ass off for that slideshow. >=(
My forum was not that good,
coz I was nervous at first

So, I made a few silly mistakes coz my fingers were shaking =S

But in the middle part was better ;)
The opening and closing performance also went well...
will be much better if there's a slideshow...
later that night...
I sat in front of the piano
and I managed to finish my arranging project for Arranging class

Had my CakLemPong class earlier that day

I finished my arrangement for creativity CakLemPong song for final exam...

practiced it that day... went well...
went to audition later...
I never really like audition

but the audition went well
I was not as nervous as I thought I will be

But not sure if I can get it
since I only prepare for the audition like...

3 days!!

That Computer Music mid-term exam

and also must pass-up the project

I screw up in Mid Term

and we (as in me and my group) screw up in the project least we did it ourselves

unlike certain groups that do nothing
and let the seniors do the great job

and they get all the fame and glory
One thing to say...

What goes around...comes around

What goes up...must come down


Had class with En.Azlan,
it went well

The Rondo song...not as difficult as I thought it will be
except for the ending...crazy double-stop notes!!
I passed up my arranging project =)
Had orchestra class with En.Mus

Went well also...

Maya sms-ed me later that night to ask if I have a Violin for sale

of course I do

I have 3 unused violins at home...
well, make it 2

coz I need one as a spare violin in case my current violin need to be sent for service

another thing, that day was February 26...
made it officially 10 months between me and hunnybunny ;)

Had mid-term exam for Modern Harmony

it was okay...
I think I did okay
later me, aiman and hunnybunny ate at Domino's for lunch

Aiman became addicted to it

And today...
who knows what will happen...

got class with Maya at 1300
plan to buy some new strings
and I need to change the bridge of my violin

bend forward already...

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