Friday, February 06, 2009

What am I interested in?

well of course, my interest is always in music.
but I gotta admit, I enjoy listening to orchestral soundtrack songs a lot more than any other genre.
and of course, classical music comes next. =P
but beside that...what else am I interested in?
a lot actually...
I like reading novels...
but more to fantasy-like novels.
I also enjoy writing...even if it a short story.
the truth is, besides music, I am very well interested in film directing.
I like film scoring as well, but I considered it as part of music.
Yup, that's me, I imagined myself as a director sometimes.
I even have some ideas of few movies of my own.
I guess I'm more of a "behind-the-scene" type of person rather standing in the spotlight.
I have a feeling of enjoying looking at my own work.
Enjoying the fact that people are listening/watching my work.
But, I'm not exactly skillful at directing or composing.
But I do admit that I am indeed interested in film directing and scoring.
It maybe real one day if I follow my dream...
but for now,
I am a Musician
and I am happy about it.


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