Sunday, March 15, 2009

the 2nd day of modul&what happened next...

As you know, I didn't go to the 1st part of the modul coz the masterclass. So, today, I just went to the 2nd part of the modul. Which is treasure hunting. Sounds fun right? Well...most of the part, I would say it is fun. But you will get extremely exhausted running around the hills of UiTM. I'm not was very tiring. We didn't really manage to get to all the checkpoints coz we're running out of time...our first checkpoint was at Fakulti Sains Sukan & Rekreasi (FSSR), there, we had task by using 7 nails, you must use one as a base and using the other 6 nails, you must balance it on that one nail. It's pretty tough, but we manage to get it done. Then our 2nd checkpoint is near to Bkt Tonggek...there, we must create 10 different origamis and we must build a structure that is strong enough to carry it until the last checkpoint. That was easier...then, we went to Engeneering Faculty, but too many we went to DC first. There I need to put my face in a bucket of get some marble...with specific face was pink until the last checkpoint...LOL. Then, our 3rd checkpoint was at Engeneering Faculty, there, we need to make some safety flying stuff using the items given by the faciliters...and we need to build some kind of parasuite(no idea how to spell it...sorry), but we failed...the egg broke. huhuhu. Our next checkpoint was at Kompleks Sukan...this is like...the most disgusting task of all. The people there put a raw egg, some blended carrot, onions and garlics...and also Budu, and then blend all of it, and put in a cup...then each of the group members must drink it, and CANNOT throw was disgusting as hell. I didn't enjoy it at all...but later...we hurry went to the next checkpoint at Kolej Delima and we need to use three pipes and put them together to blow a balloon until it popped and after that sang a patriotic song. =.=" After that, the times up and we must go back to the last checkpoint at Padang Seroja...I was damn exhausted.
But me, hunnybunny and Aiman hurried back, we took shower and later rush to KLCC. Coz we got MPO concert to catch at 3pm. We arrived on time...thank god. I was tired...but my exhaustion dissapeared when the show started, I really do enjoy it. For someone who always enjoy film scoring like me...this concert is amazing. =D
Later, we ate at food court...I ate Fettucine Seafood Alfredo. Then, we went to Kinokuniya...and i bought a new book called The Name of This Book is Secret. looks interesting. =)
Well, I'm extremely exhausted right now...
So, ttyl

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