Friday, March 06, 2009

hmm...what had happened this week...

let see, on Monday...came to faculty at 0830 for CakLemPong practice, though not so many turned up, quite frustrating really to see such behaviour in musicians. There's some problem with my creativity song, the Soundtrack Medley. Tity...make sure you practice your part...later that day, practiced with Aiman and HunnyBunny for my sis's wedding reception. Only practice a few songs, Fad wasn't there.
On Teausday...praticed my violin, and I went to Plaza Masalam afterwards for lunch...and went to Speedy and I bought new DVD, Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Nice movie, I love it. Nice soundtracks too. =p
On Wednesday, had CakLemPong class in the morning at 0830, went well, still some problem with the Soundtrack Medley. Some parts were simplified to ease the burden. Again...tity...pracitce...then I went to pick up Lisa and Mimi from their school since no bus were available. Idayu followed me, I sent them home and later me and Idayu had lunch at Burger King. Then got Songwriting, had some really long and interesting chat with Boss, and later at 2000 was Computer Music, surprisingly, I got 13/25 for my mid-term. I know it's still bad, but I was expecting less than 10, so, I was still very thankful. lol. And afterwards, had some really good and long chat with En.Faudzi.
On Thursday, Theory class at 0930, got result for Mid-term, I got 95/100. Not bad, but not as good as my 1st test, the 1st one I got 97/100. But I am still thankful. =) Then I had my violin lesson with En.Azlan...he noticed the changed of my violin, I told him it was my spare violin, my current violin is sent to get the bridge change. Then later I went for string sectional...I was very...extremely annoyed with someone...but nevermind...forget about it. Arranging class after that, got Mid-Term project...arrange a local song for 3 voice. =S No orchestra that night...hihi.
On Friday, went to Modern Harmony, learned how to put the SATB the modern style. haha. Aiman wasn't there, she went back to Kedah. She attended the class on Thursday. After that, I watch Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium with HunnyBunny and I went home after that. Got my violin back. =D And I went to Kuala Kubu after that to get my license renewed. =D I am now a full-time longer 'P' driver. hihihihi....=D
Asked Mayya about lesson tomorrow, cannot have one, no time. Mayya is having rehearsel. =(
See that polar bear up sleeping because it tired and sleepy
I feel the same way want to sleep now

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