Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, the day of the Masterclass

So, I supposed to go to Modul 4 today, but I didn't...coz of Masterclass. I just hope no repeat letter will be send next semester. =S
The masterclass was......fine. It would've been better if there were actually PEOPLE watching. Very little people prediction was true. The audiences were the one who performed for the masterclass...well I admit, there were a few other string students....but very very few.
En.Nas was the one tutoring the group played first, we played Mendhelsson Simfonia II - 3rd mvt...
He said we played well...(obviously coz the song is pretty damn simple), just that we need to communicate with each other to get the same character and tone colour. In my group...1st violin: Munir(CM), me, Azam. 2nd violin: Opie, Bijan and Aliah. Viola: Abg Jono. Cello: Abg Bal, Kak Maz. D.Bass:Azizi.
En.Nas was fascinated with Azizi coz Azizi can clearly interprate his rhythm on d.bass. Which is not an easy thing to do on such a low range instrument. But Azizi deserves some compliments, he worked really hard, he is really commited to his instrument. He came almost every week to YSO practice, which is one of the reason of his improvement. Lots of sight reading. He can play the cello part a lot better than the cellist during the masterclass. lolx
Later in the afternoon, the 2nd group performed...1st violin: Aliff(CM), Maryam, Lily. 2nd violin: Kak Sarah, Idayu, Ken. Viola: AD, Pamela. Cello: Thairy. D.Bass: Paley. They played Mozart - Divertimento in F, Presto. Their song is quite least they can do better dymanics than the 1st But some of the player had problems coping with the fast tempo, especially when En.Nas asked them to play faster. But can't really blame them, this program is very last minute...we practiced less than a week. But hey, it's a learning process...I bet every body learned something during the masterclass...hihihihi

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Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

In terms of man power, the white strings are less experienced players and had bad music exposures. But I'm impressed by their determinations and commitment to play Mozart. I did this piece with ACO, and even less than 3 minutes, there are so many details... It ain't easy though Mozart wrote when he was thirteen. Btw, about the dynamics, u didn't know how much I emphasised that f... haha