Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan

I've been reading the first two books and I just bought the 3rd one on my birthday. And my God the suspense was...I mean...IS amazing!! I'm in the middle of chapter 14 out of 40 (including the epilogue) and it's already making my heart beating a lot faster!! The one you thought the bad guy is not the bad guy...turn out to be the good guy...yeah he broke the law by learning black magic but his only intention is to keep the city safe...and OMG now his life is in danger coz all the other magicians found out coz another evil black magician framed him by making everyone think he's the murderer....oh no...what will happen to him!! And Sonea...the main character....her life is at stake as well coz she's only trying to help him!! Oh please...I was reading nervously and anxiously...until I realized my final project for songwriting is not yet finish...and I promised myself to finish it before tomorrow....curse you assignment!! I have to finish it coz it must be done in Sibelius 5 and Sibelius 5 only...(picky, picky, picky....) but I'm using Finale 2009! Coz my lap top won't install Sibelius 5...I guess she hates I need to finish it now so later I can just copy everything to Sibelius....huhuhuhu....the suspense have to wait...coz I know...if I continue reading...I will never start doing this final project. So I have to control myself. DX this is terrible!!!!!!! I do recommend you to read this's great!!! For someone like me of course. =P Here are the covers...I'm reading the final chapter which is The High Lord...and it's full of intensity...amazing....truly great compliment to Trudi Canavan as the genius who wrote this wonderful book. Seriously it is...just by reading it, I feel like watching a movie...I'm not sure if it's because of my high-level of it is still a great book.

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