Friday, April 03, 2009

The Crappy Things I Think About When The Lecture is Boring...

Is it possible for people to make things hard for you?
Is it the people that makes it hard or is it yourself?
Is there a possibility that by thinking people are making things hard...will make it harder?
And if you think otherwise, it won't be as hard as it looks like. Is it possible?
I know...this topic is very subjective, different individual will come up with different perspectives.
And from my point of view, I do believe that by thinking that people are making it hard...will make the task much harder.
I know, the task that you're doing is tough....and sometimes, by believing the words around you will make your task much harder...then automatically your task will be harder than you can ever expect. And in the end, you'll the one who'll stressed out and start getting mad at people and blaming other people for the job that you could have done well if you just believe in yourself instead of those words roaring around you.
Just take it easy, don't take those words seriously.
You know, sometimes, your friends are just trying to help, you just misunderstood their good reasons.
You will make it harder by thinking too much and blaming people around you.
So, lighten up...take it easy.
But it's my opinion only...yours is yours to keep.


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