Saturday, April 25, 2009


*Cat type : Bengal

Today, in the morning, I had my traditional music exam, which was Caklempong
I think me and my group did okay... =P
Later, had a short class with Mayya
YSO practice from 3-10pm
so tired already
tomorrow also the same
and my dilemma is...
last year, I bought MPO ticket
and the show is tomorrow at 3pm
I really want to go...
I was looking forward for it...
and it is also my 1st anniversary with HunnyBunny
but then,
I know it won't be right to abandon YSO practice for another concert
that's not how professional musician should be
if I want to become a professional orchestra player
I must be able to train myself to act, think and play like a professional
no matter how good you are,
but you're attitude stink...
it won't take you anywhere
so, I've decided to sacrifice the MPO performance that I wanted to watch since last year
What to do...
I have to make the right choice
and sometimes right decision require sacrifice...

*Cat Type : Scottish Fold


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

motif gamba kucing? hehehe cute sey...

Wani said...

no reason...saje je
nk tunjuk kn how the Bengal breed looks like and how the Scottish Fold breed looks like.

Anonymous said...

i sgt suke scottish fold!!!!!!!!!!!comel nak mampos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gemok mcm i!!!!!!!!!!hahaha-farleagueaurey-