Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I did some tiny research...

It's 2241 on April 14 and I'm still practicing my violin
practicing Bach's Partita 3 - Loure
It's a beautiful movement...but not easy
Obviously...it's a Baroque dance...but I did a little digging
Besides a dance, Loure is also a type of bowing patterns for bowed strings
A Portato is in Italian but...in French...it's called Loure
A type of bowing used in slow tempo songs
Loure is also a slow version gigue.
With time signatures of 6/8, 3/4 and 6/4
According to Oxford also...it's a type of French Bagpipes and also a French Dance
but there is also source said that Loure is derived from a technique of bagpipe-playing
I dunno, so many info on one click...lolx
anyway...I also search on YouTube on how the Loure to be danced
I found one video
Quite useful to me, coz it's kinda make it clear to me about the movements of the song in general
here...I wanna share it with you...

Well, to conclude this post, I put the video of the song I am currently learning...
J.S Bach Partita 3 - Loure

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