Friday, April 03, 2009

Recap on March 28, 2009

My sister's wedding reception was on Saturday, March 28, 2009
Location : Dewan Sivik, Petaling Jaya (MPPJ)
I performed, together with my friends
HunnyBunny on flute/tenor sax
Aiman on keyboard
Fad or Fadley, I prefer to call him Fadley coz Fad made his name sounds like fart or fat...lolx
anyway...Fadley played the guitar and he sang the song I'm Yours. It was good.
At the same time, I also performed on electone.
Here are some pictures of us.

and of course,
we didn't forget to turn of the lights that night
Turn off everything except the dining hall, coz there were kids below 5
You don't want to scare them, right?
They'll scream as hell.
But still, we turned off the lights
Except the TV...hihi

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