Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today is my 20th Birthday =)
Thanks to all the people that wish me on Facebook:
Mr.Kenny, Aliff, Xin Li, Kak Sarah, Sabrina, Kak Amal,
Amal my buddy, someone called Harris...not sure who...,
Abang Fairuz and Toshi
I also wanted to thank those who wish me by phone...
Mae for calling me before April 15...which was 2345 of April 14. hihi...
HunnyBunny who called me exactly at 0000 of April 15. =)
Aiman, who called me just now. =P
and not to forget those who wished me through SMS
Nazrul as the first one to SMS me at exactly 0000 of April 15
My twin, Wan-Oboe at 0010
Zakian at 0015
Thairy at 0033
My dearest friend Adilah at 0052
Erin at 0103
Anis at 0909 (cool timing, huh?)
Shi Min at 1046
Azam at 1319
Idayu at 1412
my sis, KakCik at 1650
and my old friend, Faizah Fahmi at 2232

and also, thanks to Tity
who post on her blog as a birthday wish to me
thanks, appreciate it.
and also Xin Li,
who did the same thing that is with the post on the blog thingie...
and for wishing me through CBox...
Thank You =)

* * *

another thing is that I watched Knowing today at GSC Mid Valley
Nice movie...rated...
8 out of 10
It's not bad, full of suspense.
I recommend you to watch it.
Here's a picture of me and hunnybunny
this picture was taken indoor...not outdoor
we were at The Gardens at this time...
which is indoor...despite the name "Gardens"...lolx

ooh...I haven't check MySpace yet...there might be some wishes there..
I doubt it though...
oh well...I'll check later

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