Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is wrong with Hollywood's movie industry?

What had happened? What happened to the time where people went crazy over Titanic, National Treasure, The Lord of the Rings trilogy...or even Pirates of the Caribbean?! Enough already...two movies which are already in theaters already disappoint many people. The first one is of course The Street Fighter-The Legend of Chun-Li. How can it be Chun-Li? It looks more like Lana Lang playing dress up on Halloween to be Chun-Li. Chun-Li is one of my favourite character from Street Fighter. With her buns on each of her head and that blue chinese outfits...and her firery legs. But Kristin Kreuk doesn't look anything like Chun-Li. I haven't watch the movie, but just by looking at the trailer and the poster is enough to disappoint me. And what with Bison? He supposed to look scary!! Don't adapt something good, something that millions of people grow up with unless you can reach the expectation.

Then came Dragon Ball : Evolution. this is even worse. I admit, if you change the name of the characters, change the name of that magic ball called "dragon ball" to something else and cut out "Dragon Ball" from the might have been a good movie. But wake up...this is Dragon Ball...I might not a fanatic to the comics and anime...but I know how Goku looks like...and he does not look like Zac Effron's best friend. Goku is not even American...he's Japanese for crying out loud. And Bulma...what the heck were they thinking...and don't get me started with Master Roshi...okay Chow Yun Fat could be a good actor to cast as Master Roshi...but could you just transform him to look more like Master Roshi???!! Master Roshi is old!! Funny....wacko and hunchback! What about Piccolo? He supposed to be grean...not pale green like you about to vomit or something. I may not a huge fan, I don't read or watch Dragon Ball as much as my brother did, but I know how the character looks like. and I thought Goku supposed to have a tail....'re ruining some of the best stories of all time with all your effing adaptation. And Wolverine is coming pretty soon...and people already talking bad stuff about it...I hope you will surprise everybody with something good. There'll be more comics adaptation this year, that's what I heard from news. Captain America is coming soon too. But I never was a I might not watch it. And there might be Iron Man 2, Spider-Man 4...and more. I must say...I only have three movies that I'm looking foward to watch which are Transformer 2, Ice Age 3 and Harry Potter 6. All of them are sequels. And I hope these movies will reach my expectation. Coz I have an extremely high expectation to these kind of movies...which is why I am very particular when it comes to watching movies.

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