Saturday, May 30, 2009

11th Day of Practical...sort of

since it Saturday...I'm not sure if I want to count it as a practical day
but since we were there, and we punched in and out...I will take it as another practical day
today...I helped with the audition of OSR
those participants, help them register, gave them forms
then gave them their number so they know when will be their turn
it's not bad
more than 30 people auditioned
we are going to meet some more new friends
our family will become bigger and crazier. lolx


Later, I went to KLCC, reached there around 1500
bought some stuff
hunnybunny was there too
ate lasagna at food court
dunno why...out of all the restaurants in KLCC
I always prefer the food court...hahaha
and soon, Subway will be there...hmmm....yummy
can't wait...

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