Monday, May 18, 2009

1st day of practical

Reached I.B around 0840. Went to the cafe and saw lots of people, Nuar, Wan, Thairy, Erin, Faz, Paan, Faizal, Daus, Lan and more. Later when it nearly 0900, we went to the office to report ourselves to start our practical. Got a punch card, hihihi...go punch, then went downstairs to wait for En.Mus then went upstairs to U1 and met En.Nas and he gave us rooms to practice. And that is basically what we do all day. lolx. I am under the supervisors of Mayya and Mr. Siew Keen. ;) Tomorrow got OSR practice at 1000 and later in the afternoon got some meeting with our supervisors. =)

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