Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2nd Day of Practical

Today, reached I.B at 0800.
Warm-up from 0900 - 0945
At 1000, got practice with OSR, but not with everybody, just those who's doing practical and just happen to be part of OSR. But Ken and Zul were there also. =p
Later, went for lunch at 1200
at 1300, I practiced violin until 1345
at 1400, got meeting with all the NSO players
talked about all the supervisors and stuff....
then, En.Nasran said we are required to perform one song for all of them before June 10, 09.
And, I might have to perform next week.
Better think of a song fast...
Faz asked me to go out and watch Angels and Demons tomorrow at KLCC...but depends
I'm interested, but not sure if I can go coz I need to think of the time...
I live far away from I.B which means I must wake up early...in order to do that, I need to sleep early.
So, I need to really make sure that if I go out tomorrow, I can get back home before 2200
Well...that's it for now, I'm already darn sleepy...and it's not even 2000 yet...haihz~~ how to watch movie if I can barely open my eyes now? huhuhu...

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