Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th Day of Practical

Today I reached I.B kinda early, around 0750
I punched 0752. Hihi
Practiced a lot, gonna have class with Mayya tomorrow
Just now, we have another OSR practice from 1430 until 1700
Me, Wan, Thairy, Azizi, Sabri and Paan...and Ayit also joined for fun
We played Phantom of the Opera
Mayya helped us
Didn't do much today, just keep on practicing
I think all the students who's doing practical at I.B will improve a lot when this all over
haha, coz we only practice, and we can't really play around
coz unlike other places with orchestra players,
musicians of National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) always monitor us
we will get scolded if we don't practice or went missing when our tutor is looking for us
but we still goof around sometimes...
watch TV...wondering around...joking around
but still...we practiced more than we can goof around

* * *

this picture was taken yesterday (May 20, 09)

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