Friday, May 22, 2009

5th Day of Practical

today I reached I.B really early... I punched card at 0739
supposed to have lesson with Mayya
but didn't have the chance to do that T-T
Mr.Siew Keen offered to help me if I ever have problem with my pieces/studies
Me, Wan, Azizi, Kak Zam and Kak Aqilah practiced Star Trek and Jurassic Park today
Mayya helped of course =P
I gave my passport size photo to Kak Anis today from the Management Department
Nothing much happen today
Oh, my friends going to watch Night at the Museum 2 next Wednesday
Faz and Erin was persuading me to join them
I'll think about it
I might...if we watch an early show...

* * *

Tomorrow is Jelejah OSR - Kuantan! Yay
but we're not really performing at Kuantan,
we will be performing at Pekan
and we're not going to Cherating either
we're going to Teluk Cempedak
too bad, coz the beach of Cherating is so much better than Teluk Cempedak
Can't wait for tomorrow

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