Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jelajah OSR - Ipoh

Back from Ipoh people! Two days...stayed at Fair Park Hotel...not a 5 star hotel...but at least it's better than hostel right? The performance was at Taman Budaya, Perak. The hall was kinda small, but it's ok. My roommates was Kak Illi and Ayeshah. Michelle came!! Heehee~~ Then, the concert was fine until we played The Sound of Music medley then the lightbulb of the spotlight burst, it was loud you know...and it fell a few inches from Ken and Kak Zam. Thank God nobody was hurt. The funny thing was during the tune of "My Favourite Thing" when that spotlight fell down...XD Anyway, the next day, which means just now, we went to Ulu Chepor...went swimming with friends, I didn't take any pictures while swimming coz my camera was in the bag and my bag was far away...anyway, here are some pictures. =)

We were waiting for the bus

During rehearsel

Roller-coaster ride...

Group photo

Tea time...

Before concert...with Michelle!!

me and Michelle....after the concert

after concert...Group Photos everywhere!!

After went back to hotel, we went out =P

Trip to Ulu Chepor

Before went back...


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Michelle said...

good heavens! I look fat! T-T