Wednesday, May 06, 2009

got practice just now

Halo! Got practice at I.B just now. It was fine...practiced the Double-Bass Concerto. That was the first time I actually heard a Double-Bass Cadenza! Pretty COOL! hahaha...then practice the Concerto de Arenjuez, a.k.a the Orang Juice Concerto!!'s funny coz just now, when Mayya asked this boy; "do you have Arenjuez Concerto?" then he said "No..." then Mayya was looking at him then asked again; "Do you have the Orange Juice Concerto?" then he said yes. LOL, it was funny. But we're not going to play that song coz it's too terrible, the orchestra is just not ready yet...we also practiced Oblivion, I like that song...very nice. Well, tomorrow is the day to pass up my Final Arranging project...just 99% more to finish line. I bind it into a book just now, all I need to do is to get an empty CD tomorrow and burn the files into the CD and put it in an envelope. =) Then this Saturday is the day me and friends going to Ipoh. Woohoo!! Can't wait for that. I'm sure it'll be fun. Liu Yi said that Michelle is coming. That will be like super duper great coz I haven't seen her for quite sometime already! Miss you Michelle! I dunno why I'm kinda hyper and excited right now. Maybe because I'm just too happy that I finished my final project. Hihi...seriously, I've been hyperly excited the whole day. Haha...what I plan for Ipoh this get more pictures!! LOL....I got very little pictures in Genting. I didn't get a chance to take picture with everybody. I'll try my best to get as many pictures as possible this time. I mean, I'm just not used to holding the camera and decide when to take picture, usually I just pose for the camera. Hahaha...well, I think that's all. Very random post right? Anyway, before I go, just want to share with you a picture of this very cute bunny. =D Bye~~

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