Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Just a Foolish Love

You know, I don't really understand
some people...
they can't live without a girlfriend/boyfriend
for them without being in a relationship,
life will be meaningless
it's just so weird and ridiculous
how can life be meaningless without being in a relationship?
why do you want to turn it into a trend of life?
just because all of your friends have one (or more)...
does not mean you should follow them
I grow up, as a single teenage girl for 19 years and 11 days
and not even once I feel bad about it
in fact, I'm proud of myself
to be able to concentrate on my studies
and manage to control myself
and I manage to hold a record to have '0' ex boyfriends my lips... "Z-E-R-O"!!
so far, I've been in a relationship once
and I'm still with him, and still going strong
I don't know, I am the type of person
who wants my first love to be my true love for eternity
so, I hold myself back because I know...
love in high school is not true love...
it's just a foolish kind of love
after my 19 birthday
I know, I grew up...I manage to stick to my promise
when I promised myself not to be in a relationship until SPM is over
and I know, you will never be able to find your true love
if you don't give your heart a chance to love
so I took it...and thankfully it's still strong
love is not something you do because it's fun
love is something you do when your heart feels something not because of lust
not because of how cute he/she is
not because how nice he/she is
but because of a little thing call love
it's something complicated
you have to feel it to know that you really are in love
there are so many things that can blind you from feeling that "love"
but when time'll know
so you don't have to worry if you are single
God created everyone with a soul mate
so, why rush?
you will meet your true love sooner or later
when you found it
you will know, because you DON'T THINK that he/she is your true love
you know he/she is your true love when you know how your heart is certain about it
relax...being single is not that bad
think of it as an advantage
don't play with love
love can make us floating
but it can also make us drowning
keep that in mind the next time you think how empty life will be without a relationship
coz you're wrong...lust is the only thing that make you feel that way
not love...

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