Thursday, May 07, 2009

it's official ; )

today has become officially the last day of Semester 4. quite a busy semester, not much ups and least not as much as last few semesters I think. after I passed up my arranging project, it was a relief. seriously it was...the semester has come to an end. all that i need to do now is wait for the result, I'm very worried for my Computer Music, I was terrible on that subject...well, just want to see what I can remember for throughout semester 4. To be honest...not much, LOL. but let's see how little I remember...hahahaha

-1- a lecturer got Babi Bunting Bersiung with Cavity as a nickname, lmao
-2- some students got in a fight with that lecturer that I mentioned above
-3- played for Le Tour de Langkawi at Palace of Golden Horses...nice place
-4- I played gambang in Gamelan ensemble for Part 4 forum as the opening & closing for the 1st week
-5- made a slide show for the 2nd week of forum but never used it...curse them. huhu
-6- almost lost my watch...=S
-7- screwed my Computer Music...I hope I will pass that paper... =\
-8- arranged a medley of soundtracks for CakLemPong
-9- Applied practical at I.B, got accepted and will start in 2 weeks
-10- There's election for new MPP at Music Faculty, there were 3 candidates.
-11- This semester had a very controversial ending...only those who know will understand

well, so far...that's all that I can remember. Next week is showcase...I'm helping Azam and Munir. I think their song will be okay. =) which of course...means that I can't play for Johor during OSR tour ='(

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