Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today is another lazy and very hot day
Hunny, remember when you requested a video of us for your birthday?
I finished it today
That's what I do today...literally
nothing else. =/
It's done, I finished your request, but out of that...I have my own request...
I want you to watch it when you reach home
On top of that...I think I will burn that video in a CD and will put it together with your birthday present before I wrapped it and I will definitely want you to open your present at home. =)
You can do that for me right, hunny?
It's just a simple request.

pfft...pfft...pfft =B

1 comment:

FarleagueAurey said...

okay my dear....
i'll do anything for u =)
thanks dear
love you =)