Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why Do You Love .m.u.s.i.c.?

why do you love music? a very subjective question, different individual with come up with different thoughts...have you ever thought of diving deep into your thoughts and feelings...allow yourself to be drowned by all of these...just to get the real answer of this very question? everyone can say they love music because it's beautiful, everyone can say they love music because there's life exist in every music...but what made you believe such a thing? what do you think that created life in music? what do you think that made the music sounds so beautiful?

i love music...but why do i love music? will i be able to answer that question? i guess i enjoy it, but again...every one can say that...but what is it about music that gave you the joy to keep listening to it? have you ever feel overwhelmed when you listen to a music? not just any feelings, but it's a feeling...that connects to your soul. when you listen to the notes...just one note...the first note, and it grabs you not just in the heart, but your body and soul as well, and you can feel your heart beating faster, you can feel yourself breathing faster...you can feel your face getting warmer, you can feel tears in your eyes...the sound produce, it's just so overwhelming, that you can't really find a word to truly describe it...now that....is a very good music...i love it when that happens...because, at that point, nothing around you really matters, it's just you and the music. you know the music is speaking to you, you understand what the music is saying...and you keep on listening because you want the music to keep on telling its story until the story reach its ending. you don't talk to others while you listen to it...you don't even listen to anything else but the music, you can't even hear if someone call you...if you reach that level, then i guess you do truly enjoy the music. =)

this kind of feeling not only occur in classical music you know, i've had this feeling while i'm listening to disney's songs, or any other modern songs. but then of course...mostly i had this feeling with classical music, and also orchestral music such as film score from great movies such as the lord of the rings and such...but there are also some modern songs that can make me feel that way...i have a few songs...modern songs that i truly like...but i can't really think of one right now...i guess those kind of feelings are the one that gives me the passion to be in the music industry...so...why do you love music?

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