Wednesday, May 06, 2009


almost finish...I am almost finish with my final project for Arranging Technique...though, I got to is not all that good. =S What do you expect...I never really arrange songs before, I'm still the quality of my arrangement is still horrible. Lol. My song for final project is Hijau, a song by Zainal Abidin. I still remember my first project...which was the 16-bar arrangement, I did Cindai, by Siti Nurhaliza...that was even doesn't sound like tradisional song at all. haha...but hey, it's my arrangement, I can do whatever I want with it...hahaha. My 2nd project was Mungkin by Anuar Zain. This was actually harder to arrange since it's ballad. So, I don't think I want to arrange a ballad song for a project...hahaha...the instrumentation is quite hard to select. And here I am...finishing up my final project. It is 98% will reach 100% when I print out the score...burn the file in a CD...put everything in an envelope and seal it...and write my details on the envelope (and on the CD too of, after I accomplised that...I can shout "hooray!!" hahahaha....

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