Tuesday, June 02, 2009

13th Day of Practical

Started the day with violin practice
I practiced Smetana's Aus Der Heimat (From the Native Country)
Dahlia came today...to see Mayya
There was an Oboe Masterclass...conducted by an oboist from Japan
not sure of her name though... =S
I also practiced Kabalevsky's violin concerto with Kak Aqilah
Mayya told us to practice slower with metronome
During lunch, I went to KLCC...alone =)
had my lunch at Burger King, all by myself
then went to Kinokuniya and I bought gift wrappers to wrap hunny's present
I also bought a pen...coz I ran out of blue-ink pen
I only have black-ink left. =/
I also went to Chamelon and bought two hair clips
one of them got ribbon on it =p
I spent the day pretty much to myself really today... ^.^,
anyway...OSR people...bad news!!
The music camp is canceled due to lack of budget!!
So does the show on June 20th & 21st
it might postpone to August...
but not confirm yet
well...sad, so sad...

That's all, I guess~
Got other things to do...

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