Thursday, June 04, 2009

15th Day of Practical

Today is another "less practice" day
Arrived at I.B quite early 0700!!
I went to the room and slept on the long sofa...hahahaha
then Hunny came, so, I went to the cafe to meet him
Later, he made his way to RTM
Then, I'm back to the room, gave Erin a piano part of Brahms:Scherzo in C minor
it is actually her choice...between that and Smetana's From The Native Country
It's for fun, I want to find more experience playing with different accompanist
I played with A.Fairuz before, and Kak Aqilah, Ms.Sook Man, Aiman, Jae Sern and even Mayya
Now, I want to know how it feels like to be accompanied by Erin ;)
Then, had lunch with Kak Zam at Sogo...Secret Recipe *thanks kak zam coz belanja*
Then, back around 1415, at 1515...practiced with Kak Aqilah...for the recital
which is tomorrow... =S
After that...I didn't do anything until I punched out at 1745. lolx
Kind of a lazy day...I was tired
I can't even play correctly when I practiced with Kak Aqilah...I kept jumping from the 1st line straight to the 3rd line...huhuhuhu
Wish me luck for tomorrow~~

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