Saturday, June 06, 2009

16th Day of Practical

Today, there's some kind of assembly session for all the staff of Istana Budaya. Funny assembly...I didn't know the staffs of Istana Budaya are crazy and funny. There were speeches, and giving some present to people who just got married, who just got a baby...and say farewell to those who got transferred or retired, welcomed new staffs. And they called out every staffs who's birthday in June and they all sing happy birthday song...and there were some lucky draws...and all of the lucky winners were dancers. Anyway, there were recital just now, mine was sucks...if I could rate myself from 1 to 10...I will rate it 0.5. was so cold, I was shivering...and Kak Aqilah started a bit too slow, and I can't stopped her coz then the NSO players won't like it. So, because of the slow tempo, I became blank, and because of the blankness...I became nervous and because of that...I made silly mistakes. Huhuhuhu....but still, Thanks Kak Aqilah coz accompanied me, I know it's not a very easy part for the piano. =P Other performers were; Lan, Abg Khairul and also are the recital videos.

Concerto in C major (1st mvt) by Kabalevsky
(Nur Izwani Binti Ismail)

Etude No.63 by L.Shitte
(Khairul Azlan B. Rahman)

Alleluja from Motet: Exsultate, Jubilate by Mozart
(Khairul Anwar B. Zulkifly Tony)

Polonaise from the Anna Magadalena Books
(Sabri B. Hamil)

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