Monday, June 08, 2009

17th Day of Practical

Today is quite a lazy day
Most of NSO musicians took the week off since it's school holiday
They wanna spend some time with their kids la...
Kak Zura gave us a tour around Istana Budaya to introduce us to different departments
later, we got meeting between the music practical students about the recital thingie...
then at meeting with practical students from different departments also

* * *

result is coming out this Thursday...huhuhu
I'm very worried that my CGPA will drop
I've been getting Dean's Award for 3 semesters in a row
I hope I will get another one for the 4th Semester
I'm worried that I might fail one subject...which is Music Computer
I totally screw that subject
I hope I can pass
btw, tomorrow is somebody's birthday
and tomorrow I will watch movie; Monster Vs. Alien
I love Reese Whiterspoon, and since her voice is part of that movie
I am quite interested to watch it

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