Wednesday, June 10, 2009

19th Day of Practical

I am doing my "ganti puasa" right now, today is my first day. 4 more days to go. =P
Anyway, today...early in the morning @ meeting between the music practical students...we discussed about the repertoires and all performers must make their synopsis about the song they will perform...and it must be in Malay =.="
Do you know how much easier it will be if something related to music to be done in English? huhuhu....
Anyway, it is said that practical students from Art & Design department will make a costume for the performers to wear...following the period they'll perform in. Let see...Baroque period will be performed by Azizi and Thairy...which mean a men costume of the Baroque era will be design...LOL...I can hardly imagine how both of them will look like in that costume.
Both of them are protesting against the idea...especially Azizi...hahahaha
As for Classical period...I will be the victim coz I am playing duet with Bijan and also I will lead an ensemble performance of quartet...I'm not sure if I can play violin in Classical era dress...coz women of that era don't play violin...only men does...huhuhu, in the ensemble...other victims will be Bijan, Hafidz and again...Thairy...lolx
Then Romantic era...Hafidz and Faizal...Hafidz doesn't mind about it since the men of Romantic era are smartly attired...hihihihi
And then the 20th century...Kak Aqilah and myself...huhuhu...I think I will be fine with this one since the dresses are not as complicated as previous eras.

After the meeting is over...I watched and exchanged videos with Juan...full name; Kong Jiann Juan...the practical student from UMS in case you're not follwing my previous post. I got Yanni was super cool...I only watched half of it for now...I will continue to finish it soon

In the evening, at 1600...had ensemble practice with the quartet...I laughed a lot during the be a young woman who must lead a quartet when the other three players are young men...are quite interesting and you will never get tired of it...especially when they pay attention and listen to you, and always make you laugh to... =p
*kinda nice to be the lady boss sometimes...hahaha*

I practiced my violin by myself for 3 hours only today...I watched lots of music videos today...classical, modern, contemporary...some of them are very creative. =)

* * *

anyway, I want to share with you a couple of pictures from yesterday's event
When I went out to celebrate Hunny's birthday
at the movies...while waiting the cinema of Monster vs. Aliens to open
and also some random pictures of us fooling around...hihihi

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